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  1. It hasn't - is there any way to force update that?
  2. I found a bug, I think. I had all my Tower projects in the ~/Sites folder, which I recently decided to change to ~/Code and reorganize. All the Tower bookmarks have been updated, but the Tower search workflow still looks for them in their previous location, so I can't use it. Is there a way to clear the cache?
  3. Ok, if anyone else is curious, I opened a question at StackExchange: http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/144258/change-default-ssh-behavior We'll see if that bears any fruit.
  4. Any chance of being able to configure this workflow to open in a new tab instead of a new window? Would work better with TotalTerminal: http://totalterminal.binaryage.com/
  5. How do I force-update the manifest? It says it's up-to-date. Edit: Actually, it looks like the problem has gone away...
  6. For some reason, Packal is telling me to downgrade to the previous version (1.2 for this workflow is current) then giving me an error when I select it: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s89/sh/b04cbef4-a2cd-4730-b44c-10a06258b551/f1e8aac0e422ee2a731ab97eb70d42ec
  7. Any chance you're going to add this to Packal.org?
  8. user.workflow.3ACC632C-5489-45C1-92AA-6FC07DC4B472 yossarian$ python -c 'import alfredssh; print alfredssh.complete("local");' Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 1, in <module> File "alfredssh.py", line 137, in complete fetch_known_hosts('~/.ssh/known_hosts'), File "alfredssh.py", line 83, in fetch_known_hosts results.update(line.split()[0].split(',')) IndexError: list index out of range ^^ First command - fwiw, my python version when running that command is 2.7.8. The /usr/bin version is 2.7.5 and gives me the same output. user.workflow.3ACC632C-5489-45C1-92AA-6FC07DC4B472 yossarian$ python -c 'import alfredssh; print alfredssh.fetch_ssh_config("~/.ssh/config");' ([u'pianosa.sytes.net', u'pianosa.sytes.net/deluge', u'LiquidWeb', u'Pianosa/dreedle', u'DigitalOcean/palermo', u'DigitalOcean/napoli', u'Pianosa/crashplan'], '~/.ssh/ssh_config') ^^ Second command.
  9. Errr, I would, but I don't get any other errors or anything. I downloaded it from Packal, if that makes any difference. Anything in particular I can do to help debug?
  10. This workflow isn't working for me, and I think it's because my config file is symlinked to Dropbox. When I type in `ssh` and start writing a hostname, it says "please wait" or whathaveyou for a split second before dropping me back to the standard Google prompt. Could the symlink be the issue?
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