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  1. This has happened again after purchasing new music. Killing Alfred, restarting and refreshing the mini player (without doing anything to iTunes in-between) sorts it, so it seems like an Alfred problem?
  2. The library paths were all OK. After a system crash and a reboot last night, and an Alfred hang + force quite this morning, album art is showing up again for all files. Based on some of the graphics glitches in Mavericks, I'd be inclined to blame the system restart for fixing this. Thanks anyway Alfred's Mum. tim
  3. In the iTunes mini player, no album artwork is displayed for anything (artists, albums or tracks). This is true across a mix of MP3 and iTunes sourced music, all with album art that displays correctly in iTunes and iTunes notifications. This has previously worked, but recently (since 2.2 upgrade?) artwork has stopped showing for some newly added music. I reset the music library and the artwork, and since then no artwork is displayed. I'm using OS X Mavericks 10.9.2, iTunes 11.1.5 (5) and Alfred v2.2 (243) Any help would be appreciated. cheers tim
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