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  1. Same for me, i am getting my oldest links as well
  2. I have an additional idea. How about providing another workflow which offers the last 10 notes/lines of the text file as feedback? Possibly copying the line to the clipboard on pressing enter.
  3. Sorry for the late follow up. The sorting issues seems to be fixed now. Thank you very much!
  4. Thanks! That helped a lot! Now its working how i wanted it!
  5. Hello everyone, I am often working with a secondary monitor. But it is really tedious to drag the cursor with the trackpad all the way to the other screen every time i want to do something on the other screen. Is it possible to write a script which can be activated via shortcut to automatically switch the cursor position to the middle of the other screen every time it is activated? Best regards
  6. Unfortunately i still have trouble with the correct sorting of the list. It shows me still entries from 2012 and those don't seem to be correctly sorted either.
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