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  1. For those struggling with Terminal, I found the "Fast Milk" workflow that works in El Capitan and doesn't require the Terminal.
  2. Could you help with a minor modification? I'm trying to prepend "file://" to the regular file path output so that I can link to local files from Evernote and other programs. When I open the "Copy to Clipboard" part of the workflow, it would seem I could do so by entering in file://{query}. But that doesn't seem to work. I suppose an Applescript could do the same, but I'm not a script kiddie and would have to go Googling for a how to. Could anyone help?
  3. Could you explain how it's possible to add tasks to RTM? I turned on the feature and authenticated, but when I add a task, it just adds it to the native lists, not to RTM. Sincerely, John
  4. Can you explain step 2? I know to use Terminal to install gem, but typing in "ru" in the command line gets me nothing. I'm very excited about using Alfred to add tasks to RTM. Sincerely, John
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