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  1. Thanks, guys!! I had synced to the Shared User Account folder. And I think because of permissions, it wasn't working, even after I tried to change ownership (chown) of the prefs file (recursively) and its encompassing folder. But I set up sync to my new dropbox account, and it worked beautifully. Thanks, Roger, for giving me confidence in the Prefs file, and David, for the info which may be useful later. Very happy to have Alfred back in my life!!
  2. Because of an unrelated problem, Apple had me switch to a newly created User account. Most data was transferred, but not my Home LIBRARY folder (where the undiscovered problem probably lay). Is there a file or folder I can transfer from my old and to my new User account, so that I do not have to recreate workflows, etc? I did "sync" to the Shared folder and double-clicked on that Preference file to open Alfred in the New account, but no workflows seem to have been transferred. (I also re-entered the (v 2) Powerpack Lic code. I have not been using Dropbox. Just created a DB account
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