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  1. Sorry guys, at the moment I am not able to maintain this anymore. Had a quick look into whats going on there but wasnt able to fix it in a few minutes so I have to investigate deeper. If someone is able to code a bit javascript and AppleScript I would be glad to get a pull request on github for this issue here: https://github.com/BenjaminPaap/SoundcloudControl
  2. Made a new version available for you guys. Hopefully all bugs are fixed. Included the icons from "td.". Thanks for that man, great work.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions. I made available a new version of SoundcloudControl Workflow

  4. Hi, I published a new version including your suggestions. Maybe someone could supply me with some icons because the ones currently included dont look great but for now it works.
  5. Copied from the projects github.com page: https://github.com/benjaminpaap/SoundcloudControl SoundcloudControl for Alfred2 This is an Alfred2 workflow to control an opened soundcloud.com tab in Google Chrome. Installation Just download the SoundcloudControl.alfredworkflow to your local harddrive and double click on it to open Alfred2 and import the workflow. Usage When installed correctly SoundcloudControl offers some commands to control an opened soundcloud.com tab in Google Chrome: sc play Plays the first song in the currently opened soundcloud tab. This could be your stream, a playlist or anything else. sc pause Stops the playback of the current song sc next Plays the next song in the currently opened soundcloud tab sc prev Plays the previous song in the currently opened soundcloud tab sc like Likes the current song Contributions If you would like to use this workflow for another browser it would be great if you could contribute your changes to this repository as a pull request. I will review and merge it as fast as possible. Contributions are highly welcome. This is my first workflow I shared. Any hints on improving this are highly appreciated.
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