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    lycopodiopsida reacted to deanishe in Firefox Assistant   
    Like Safari Assistant, but for Firefox.

    Download from GitHub.
    Search Firefox bookmarks Search Firefox browsing history Run bookmarklets Activate & close tabs Add you own custom scripts  
    The workflow requires you to install a corresponding Firefox extension in order to communicate with Firefox.
    After installing the workflow, run ffass > Install Firefox Extension to get the extension. Once the extension is installed, everything should just work.

    The workflow is fairly customisable. You can add your own URL actions via scripts, set custom icons, and assign URL & tab actions and bookmarklets to alternate hotkeys.
    See the documentation for details.
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    lycopodiopsida got a reaction from fcalazans in create new folder   
    I've uploaded it to github, see my post in this thread:
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    lycopodiopsida reacted to deanishe in firefox bookmark search   
    The workflow above should suffice, then, assuming it works for you…
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    lycopodiopsida got a reaction from deanishe in firefox bookmark search   
    This is not necessary true. People in web development have basically stopped to test websites in other browsers. And if an issue appears, the first question is always "can it be reproduced in chrome", as if anything not appearing in chrome is a browser bug. For a monopoly you don't have to kill other browsers, just render them significantly less useful for users. Safari, too, is not safe anymore, since the webkit !== blink.
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    lycopodiopsida reacted to Acidham in Search Alfred Workflows (Alfred 4)   
    Search Alfred Workflows
    Alfred Workflows help to search in Title, Keyword, Description of a workflow and open it in various actions.
    Requires Alfred 4!
    Github: https://github.com/Acidham/search-alfred-workflows
    ENTER - Shows a list of keywords in the workflow and starts the workflow with a keyword CMD - For addtional Actions: Copy path to Clipboard Open WF Folder in Terminal (cd ) Reveal in Finder Open in ForkLift (requires ForkLift installed) Config
    exclude_disabled: True - ignore disabled workflow in search terminal_path: EMPTY opens in macOS shell or path to custom terminal
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    lycopodiopsida got a reaction from Jasondm007 in create new folder   
    I've posted updated workflow to github with permission from Carlos.
    Link to repository
    Direct link to the Workflow file
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    lycopodiopsida got a reaction from Carlos-Sz in create new folder   
    I've posted updated workflow to github with permission from Carlos.
    Link to repository
    Direct link to the Workflow file
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    lycopodiopsida got a reaction from Carlos-Sz in create new folder   
    I've fixed this workflow for now... I will try to contact the original author to get his permit to republish it. Until then ping me via private message with your mail, I will send it.
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    lycopodiopsida reacted to deanishe in Send currently selected item to Alfred   
    I wasn't very clear. I meant in Alfred itself. It only has File Actions. There's no equivalent action panel for any other type (text, URL, email address, etc.) and the buffer doesn't work with anything but files. Similarly, your workflow can only return items with no type (implicitly text, I suppose) or with type "file" (in which case you can use File Actions on workflow items or add them to the buffer).
    macOS Services support a lot more types than just files, so I think it would be sensible to expand Alfred's supported types at the same time. Not only would you get much more complete support for Services, but it would also make workflows much more powerful if they could put their own stuff in the buffer and add their own URL Actions or Text Actions.
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    lycopodiopsida reacted to luckman212 in Multiple keywords to trigger the same script filter?   
    I saw this has been asked a few times before (e.g. here) but there wasn't a clear answer.

    Since Alfred 4 is coming soon, I would like to throw this into the pot to see if it might be possible.
    My brain is getting old. It's hard to remember all the different keywords and hotkeys I've set up. To aid myself I like to be able to use multiple keywords to trigger the same workflow step.
    Example, I have a workflow for connecting Bluetooth devices, that I trigger using `bt`
    instead of just "bt" I'd like to add a few more keywords, e.g. "blue", "connect", "audio" etc.
    I know I can duplicate the script filter opject and connect its Output to the same step—it's a poor man's workaround, but it'd be cleaner and better to allow multiple keywords, such as this:


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    lycopodiopsida reacted to dvcrn in Ability to use macOS services from Alfred   
    I've been recently playing around with launchbar and switch back and forth between it and Alfred. 
    One thing I noticed that is pretty killer in launchbar, is the ability to use macOS services. Launchbar is indexing them by default and lets you use them either with normal text or files. 
    A proposal could be:
    Type some text (or use a workflow to get the selected text and propagate the alfred window with it) Hit CTRL Select "Use Service" (or directly suggest them) Hit enter on a service to use them  
    And the same with files. Hit CTRL and propagate the actions window with services that support the file type, next to workflow actions and default alfred actions
    I think this would make Alfred a lot more powerful without the need to create custom workflows. A lot of apps (the majority?) already exposes services, and being able to use them directly within alfred would be great. 
    For example, some workflows that I manually wrote that would be possible with a service:
    DEVONthink: Add notes or files Delivers: Add a delivery from a text string Fantastical, Cardhop, Things: Add new entry directly from text  
    Screenshot of available services enabled on my system when selecting text:

    Screenshot of available services when selecting a file:

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    lycopodiopsida got a reaction from Acidham in Mark files added to buffer   
    as far as I understand, the only option to perform operations on multiple files now in Alfred is to add them to buffer first. If would be helpful, especially for folders containing a lot of files, if files already added to buffer would be marked with colour in the file browser. 
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    lycopodiopsida reacted to xeric in Workflow for Outlook V16 Search   
    I create a workflow for searching mail from Outlook for Mac V16 (A.K.A. 2016).
    Now it support searching Mail sender, Subject and Preview Content with below format:
    olk [keyword] And also you can search with multiple keywords:
    olk [keyword1] [keyword2] [keyword3] To limit search scope in one attribute:
    olk from:[keyword] olk title:[keywords1] [keywords2] ...
    By default, this workflow searches mail from all folders and with default page size 20, for results more than 20, you can click last item 'Next 20 Results...' to go to next page.
    You can also configure the search:
    olkc pagesize [number] for change search result in one result list.
    olkc folder then you can get a list of all your Outlook folders, choose one to limit search scope.
    Project hosted in Github:
    Download latest release workflow file from:
    Welcome your feedbacks!
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    lycopodiopsida got a reaction from deanishe in Alfred workflow issues after upgrading macOS to 10.13   
    I may have found the culprit. It seems that High Sierra rolled over the system version of ruby, where gems which a lot of workflows rely on, were installed. Have to test them with a debugger switched on one by one. 
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