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  1. Alfred opens a particular website to the wrong login webpage every time. But in 1password I see only one login, and it shows the correct login webpage. (See the screencap: the Alfred quick entry window is showing the old login bookmarks - including one with the wrong login page, at the top. Also I have unchecked and rechecked the 'discover automatically' then quit and restarted Alfred prefs. Also I've emptied the 1password trash of trashed logins and can't find any other place where and old 'bookmarks' may be kept. When the bookmarks come back on checking it, there are the old or erroneous bookmarks still there - suggesting a 1password issue. What I did was uncheck it in Alfred, then uncheck 3rd party integrations in 1password, quit both and restarted the apps, checking 1password to allow integrations, then checking 'auto discovery.' Voila! Old bookmarks cleared and all up to date now.
  2. IMO, the single biggest impediment to organizing my workflows is the inability to multiple-select or click-and-drag to select workflow objects. I'd like to be able to higlight a chain of objects to move them around within a workflow, for example. Or to drag all of my objects within the workflow to the top of the workflow window. But I can't multiple-select them. Even better would be to click-and-drag to select them. I can't even select-all. And how about a one-click 'tidy' command? Like the mac desktop, it could snap-to-grid and/or more efficiently use the workflow creation window. Thanks!
  3. I would love to be able to duplicate workflows in their entirety - not just single objects. I'd like to organize my workflows, and currently I have many input/output chains in a single workflow. But breaking them out into separate workflows is exasperating and not worth it. Drag and drop would be ideal. Multiple object selections nearly as good. But something, please, in a later build!
  4. Great workflow! No good deed goes unpunished, so let me make a polite request for a workflow with this functionality for the indispensable All Music Guide (allmusic.com). The profile lookup feature would be great on this site too. Thanks mate!
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