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  1. Ok, nice Let me chip in some ideas if you like. Note creating (bn) 1. Focus the editor afterward, so you can start typing your note right away 2. Automatically insert two breaks after the tag like in the following image. That's my default layout and I assume the one from the majority? Maybe, I don’t know! 3. Show tag suggestions as soon as you type # like in bs. That would be awesome! Yeah, that’s it for now. Nice that you are so responsive!
  2. @chrisbro @GuiB Awesome, it works. Thanks man One more thing: When you type bn title #tag it creates a note with title as h1 and as content. Like this: # title title #tag Shouldn't it be just like this: # title #tag Or is it a known issue or even by design? Thanks
  3. Hey, nice workflow! Thanks! Unfortunately, it doesn't work anymore since the latest update from Bear (Version 1.2.2) That is the error message:
  4. Hello, nice! That was fast and it works good. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to load, but that is ok. Here are my icon suggestions. It's a combination of the icons from the soundcloud page and from icon-fonts. Download files here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tsaqkclq1i7t80h/soundcloud-icons.zip I noticed a few things: 1. When you type "sc " (sc + blank) there are all six options. But when you only type "sc" without the blank, "like" is missing. 2. It would make sense to remove the hyphen at play too. Like "Title" Pause "Title" Play - "Title" 3. I get
  5. Thanks for your suggestions. I made available a new version of SoundcloudControl Workflow

  6. Great Workflow! In the first step autocomplete would be nice. So i could just type in "sc n" and press enter to skip to the next song. Something like that: Some more ideas: just show the pause and play button when it is needed (if possible)"sc" + press enter would pause or play soundcloud show the title of the song change the symbol to specific icons: play, pause, next, prev, love That would be awesome! EDIT: I just found this: https://www.johneday.com/617/generate-feedback-in-alfred-2-workflows Maybe it could help you. I have nearly no conception of app
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