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  1. Thanks, that makes sense! I’ll try to get my head around scripts and see if I can come up with a solution.
  2. I’m fairly green when it comes to creating my own workflows, but more often than not I manage to figure things out. But in this case I am stuck. I’m using an app called DeskConnect on all my devices (laptop, iMac, iPad and iPhone) to send files, clipboard etc. from one device to another. If I want to open a pdf I have on my phone with my laptop, DeskConnect makes it seamless and easy. And even better: if I am on my laptop and google to find the nearest plumber, I can mark the phone number and send it to my iPhone (via an Automator Service). It pops up as a notification, and dials the number on my phone as soon as I swipe the notification. Now, what I’m after is this: When I search for a contact in my address book with Alfred, I normally get an option to for instance copy the marked number. I want to also have an option to send this number to my phone. In short, I want Alfred to incorporate the Automator Service I have created into their Address Book feature. I have no idea if my explanation makes any sense, but I’m hoping someone gets what I’m trying to achieve.
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