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  1. While the new Alfred 3 release is great (converted me into a Mega Supporter) and I'm still in the process of figuring out what to do with all the new toys, I'm curious why there isn't a native workflow action which would re-query with the given feedback and/or variables. Especially now that we have all these utilities to manipulate the stream. These types of "looping" workflows with Script Filters are pretty common and extremely powerful. It would be nice to be able to get rid of the (flickering) Applescript workaround.
  2. Sure. I'm always on a quest for better Mac productivity and stumbled upon your workflow in the process. Not quite sure yet whether TaskPaper is the one I've been looking for though. I'm a heavy Evernote user - Sublime Text too. I guess I'm still looking for the right combination BTW. The setup works now, but the journal actions at least still have issues. The reason I ran into this is because I'm also investigating the option of using Google Drive for syncing the notes. "Google Drive" obviously has a space in there...
  3. Looks interesting! Does not seem to work with spaces in the todo directory path, unfortunately.
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