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    johnyull reacted to cands in Notes with New Text File with Tag 4.0 (nvALT, direct paste, new file in Finder and more)   
    This workflow looks very useful but it doesn't work in Alfred 3 for me (Alfred 3.2.1, macOS 10.12.2), can it be easily fixed? 
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    johnyull got a reaction from nikivi in Play Song - Quickly play songs, albums, and more from iTunes   
    Great workflow.  It does just about everything I need save search in comments field.  Due to ever expanding music styles and sub-genres I've resorted to adding my own tags to Comments field.  I keep them to a reasonable number...say average about 10 keywords per track and usually I add an "x" to the end of it.  So, emox and dirtysouthx gives me accurate search results for these subgenres quickly, with very few false positives.   I still use genre and grouping but this is not enough.  And too many playlists gets to cumber some.  Anyway, could you add a comments search to this already great workflow.  
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