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  1. I was initially completely befuddled because I knew for certain that I had tried that and every other imaginable method/approach. In the end, apparently it is not acceptable to use a pipe (e.g., | pbcopy, or as I had used above | grep) to the end of the line or it wipes out the value of {query}. Is there a way around that? I re-worked my process in order to get the output into my clipboard another way, and ultiamtely I'm really happy it works, I just think there must be something unnecessarily confusing about it or I wouldn't have run into this problem, it is just to
  2. I feel like I must be too stupid to use Alfred and maybe I shouldn't even try to do this anymore. I just want to take the output of a bash command and post to OSX Notification; I honestly can't believe how so dramatically different (difficult/frustration/inane) trying to do this simple thing is compared with the amazing ease of use and simple to understand the rest of Alfred typically is. I will post my workflow as it is currently, but it should be noted this is perhaps the 37th attempt to figure it out: Workflow view attached, where contents of 'Terminal Co
  3. Thanks for doing this @raguay.customct -- tremendously helpful as I am purely an Alfred user (found it before hearing of Launchbar fwiw). This and the incredible body of work you have contributed to Alfred is immensely generous and I can't help but (try to) imagine the mountains of keystrokes your extensions have saved when look at in aggregate. As reducing keystrokes has been the underpinning of much of my career (and success), you have my utmost respect and again, gratitude. M
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