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  1. i want to show/hide my terminal over all applications and spaces, like guake terminal in ubuntu
  2. Hello everyone. How i can toggle application with LSUIElement true? I want toggle my terminal with shift+F1 key, and i create next workflow I added <key>LSUIElement</key> <true/> to Terminal's Info.plist file, and when i run my workflow my terminal have open, but after that i can't hide it. Whats going on?
  3. Sebastian Daza, to remove any option you need delete some lines from print alfred.render([ switched, uppers, lowers, titles, ru_translation, en_translation, uk_translation ]) How it work? uppers = val.upper() #convert your text to upper uppers = alfred.Item(arg=uppers, title=uppers, subtitle="UPPER", icon='icon.png') #generete alfred item instance with your values print alfred.render([ #render list of instances ... uppers, ... ]) If you delete some from alfred.render area, you need delete it from announcement area for better performance. Some additional information with languages: ru_translation = Translator(from_lang="auto", to_lang="ru").translate('''{query}''') #translate from auto detect to russian, {query} - your input en_translation = Translator(from_lang="auto", to_lang="en").translate('''{query}''') # from auto detect to english uk_translation = Translator(from_lang="auto", to_lang="uk").translate('''{query}''') # from autodetect to ukrainian deanishe, if you want you can show me your screen in the skype: datysho, i need more info about this problem. I have mavericks 10.9.3 my root python packages is >>>pip freeze<<< Pygments==1.6 gnureadline==6.2.5 httpie==0.8.0 ipython==2.0.0 requests==2.2.1 stevedore==0.14.1 virtualenv==1.11.4 virtualenv-clone==0.2.4 virtualenvwrapper==4.2 wsgiref==0.1.2
  4. deanishe, thanks for your comment, i updated my workflow, please try again.
  5. Which python do you have? i use Python 2.7.6 (default, Apr 9 2014, 11:48:52) provide by brew and i make mv /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/python.old sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/python /usr/bin/python Update: all needed packages included in workflow directory
  6. Hello this is a simple but useful program, i named it :DatyshoSwitcher. With DS you can convert selected text to any language what you need (Russian, Ukrainian and English by default, but it really easy to update it). Your selected word or paragraph can easy switch between russian end english layout. You can convert all selected letters to UPPERCASE, lowercase or Title Case. With FN key, you can copy result to clipboard, without replacing selected text. With Control key, you can search result in google. With Option key, you can jump to google translater with current result. Default shortcut Option + Command + Space Default keyword ds >>>Download link<<<
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