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  1. I've got a script that reads a text file then creates the info.plist to a workflow. What is the <key>hotkey</key> value represent in a hotkey trigger (type: alfred.workflow.trigger.hotkey)? I'm getting what appears to me like odd values. I see values like 8, 17, 40, etc. thanks -Noah
  2. kickass, thanks!! Doesn't really answer if I can programmatically _add_ a new workflow, but this'll work, thanks again!
  3. Is it possible to have Alfred2 use a workflow from a folder instead of a .alfredworkflow file? For development of my workflow outside of Alfred, it'd sure help to work from a folder that Alfred was reading instead of needing to zip up and import the contents every time I want Alfred to refresh my workflow. thanks! -Noah
  4. Is it possible to programmatically add a workflow to Alfred? Like copy the .alfredworkflow file to a specific location? I have a script external to Alfred that will be updating the info.plist file, adding keywords, and want Alfred to automatically pick up the file change and add the keywords.
  5. Is it possible to have a workflow/plugin programmatically dynamically add/remove keywords at runtime? I'd like to code up a workflow that allows me to specify keywords to URLs in a text file. For example, I have a text file calls "links.txt" where I can edit and add keyword,url combinations, like a line with "gmail,http://gmail.com" and my plugin/workflow will monitor that file and provide the first word as the keyword. This way I only need to edit the text file to add/remove URL keywords. I'll later expand the idea to run scripts by keyword as well. So far I've only seen workflows or examples with a static set of keywords. Any points will help, thank you! p.s. bonus for pointing to any code examples online! Python or Ruby = +++ points =P
  6. Okay, did that, set it to a local folder, everything working fine. Set it back to an empty unused Dropbox folder and same problem, changes were not being saved.
  7. No luck yet. I'm not using it on any other computer. I changed folders, same behavior. There is a Alfred.alfredpreferences file in the folder. Any other ideas?
  8. Repro: (1) set to sync settings in a dropbox folder, (2) add a custom web search, (3) close preferences, (4) reopen preferences, expect to see new addition, actually its not there View repro video: http://screencast.com/t/kndRE4aWLBB Alfred v2.3 (264) OSX 10.9.2 Dropbox v2.6.33 continual repro, haven't found a workaround yet
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