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  1. How many of your users who find a bug do you really think are going to be interested in digging all the way to this silly forum, create an account, verify their e-mail address, find the right forum, read the READ FIRST thread, and then post their bug!? Ridiculous. Bug reporting is supposed to be easy for the user. It would appear the developers are more interested in preventing bug reporting by requiring such an elaborate process to report bugs. A support e-mail address or a feedback form in Alfred would be much more normal.
  2. Alfred doesn't allow special characters such as é in the URL of a custom search. This makes no sense, seeing as valid web URLs can contain any unicode character now. For example, I wanted to create this search URL: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/{query}_(Pokémon)/Generation_III_learnset, but I can't because of the é.
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