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  1. One of my basic workflows is a hotkey showing Alfred with the text currently selected in MacOS. Very simple and useful and having it built in might be helpful. My idea would be to implement this as part of the Actions>Selection Hotkey (currently works on selected files but not text). Cheers /v
  2. My "Change browser" dialog comes up hidden behind open windows. I thought the workflow was broken but this seems a problem at my end. Anyone have the same problem?
  3. very very awesome as to a name what about 'interDICT.cc' or the neutral 'dict.cc translation' let me know if I can contribute in any way
  4. Not a real coder either, but i am in sore need of a offline workflow just like this. If you would you share the workflow you have with me it would really really be helpful in getting me started coding a workflow. I won't mind the mess at all and will probably only mess it up further.
  5. OK, thanks. This is very helpful, I was wondering about the lack of response from the wonderful community. I am no good in any language, excepting maybe applescript. I will try to learn a bit and rethink. What are your thoughts about whether to look at Ruby or Python with regards to specific and general usefulness?
  6. Hi, I am trying to make a hotkey triggered workflow that will match and substitute parts of the selected text with phrases in a custom dictionary. This dictionary would in the best of worlds be stored in as a sheet in Google Docs but could also be a locally stored CSV or whatever is best. I reckon making a simple perl script is the way forward, but I thought I would ask here before trying a perl forum. I found this promising Dictionary implementation at PerlMonks but it baffles my noobish skills. I imagine the code would have to be saved as a .pm file in the workflow folder and declared (use?) in the script (filter?). The lookup and substitute functions could then be used with the input query and the return pasted. I have tried to make a mockup of this workflow but I really have not much of an idea about bridging perl script and alfred, I will keep working on it and read up on workflow practices but thought I might ask for some pointers from here and maybe find out if I'm on the right track? --- Sidenote: As a working solution I have been using a hack of the "save a sequence of regexs" functionality in Matthew Lancellottis excellent RegEx Workflow. The final dictionary would have a couple of hundred substitution pairs but for testing the regex solution I compiled the following pairs. elsif( $c =~ /^mal$/ ){ $q =~ s/Sign./Signed/gi; $q =~ s/Olie på lærred./Oil on canvas./gi; $q =~ s/Lysmål /Visible size /gi; $q =~ s/Bladstørrelse /Sheet size /gi; } It would be much more convenient if the workflow would compile theses expressions from a simple set of values. Also, this workflow uses the clipboard text and not the selection as input. Sadly my programming skills are not up to the task of modding the RegEx workflow further and that might be a bit of an inelegant overkill. Please let me have any input you might be able to give.
  7. from what I gather the state of this workflow is this workflow, not counting the most recent fix: https://github.com/kopischke/alfred-workflows/raw/master/Google%20Translate.alfredworkflow with this substitution in the 'translate' file: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/120-google-translate-workflow/?p=35081 what's next? (I use a modified version of the workflow for single language translations (da>en) with a hotkey and instant paste, perhaps I should just hack mr. Rice' in the same way workflow and let this one deprecate)
  8. wonderful! can anyone update the workflow (well out of my range as a 'programmer') or give a hint as to where to change the existing one (in the translate file or in the script filter)? NB: thomashempel also got his working again: https://github.com/thomashempel/AlfredGoogleTranslateWorkflow/blob/master/README.md
  9. catastrophic! I was relying very much on these workflows. What to do?
  10. Hi Thanks for your response. I wen't ahead and got the powerpack, and I am in no way disappointed. In regards to the hotkey issue, I was suggesting that the snippets view should get their own hotkey, maybe just a default clipboard hotkey + ctrl. The present features are very workable for me but I am hoping to see further development in this direction, especially in regards to adding snippets more fluently. Now I am considering upgrading my license to über supporter.
  11. Hi I am considering buying you powerpack to get the clipboard and snippets functionalities, but am undecided whether I thus will be able to replace adequately my Typinator and Jumpcut applications with Alfred. So I would like to express my +1 to the work on Snippets/Clipboard features and ask a couple of questions regarding the direction of development of built in features: Have you considered allowing the Clipboard Snippets window its own hotkey (in addition to the keyword)? Will you be able to add snippets from the clipboard overview or, even better, directly from selected text? In connection to the latter, will Alfred be extended to be able to handle selected text/files, thus making it rival Launchbar's Send to features? Performing actions based on selected text (rather than having to type it in the alfred window) would be immensely useful to me. I have read the request about OS X Services integration but i was hoping for a built in functionality. I hope you will give me a hint of the timeframe for development in this area and whether it might take any of these directions. WBR Chris
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