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  1. Thank you David, I'll try it out! Do you think we will see in the future a simpler solution, so we can use a hotkey output without having to use a script?
  2. Thanks David! I'd have loved a simple way but I guess I have to use an Applescript. Would this be correct, if I want to use it within Safari? tell application "Safari" keystroke "TAB" using {control down, shift down} end tell In Alfred I've set the Trigger hotkey as "Shift+left arrow" and only be active when Safari is focused.
  3. Hi, I'd like to remap keys using Alfred Workflow. So when I press a specific hotkey (e.g. Shift+left arrow) as trigger that Alfred outputs a different hotkey (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+Tab) as output. Setting the hotkey trigger as input is no problem but I could not find an option in Alfred for a hotkey output. Won't this work as Alfred Workflow?
  4. I've stumbled upon another workflow that shows you the download progress. You may get an idea from there: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2680-search-download-and-install-mac-apps/
  5. I really love the Amazon Suggest Workflow. The only issue I have with it is that I would like to specify which Amazon country I'd like to use, because I'm using different amazon sites in order to read reviews. How can I add amazon.co.uk and amazon.de to the current amazon.com ?
  6. Is it possible to add the feature to switch between the last active tab and your current tab?
  7. Thanks for this great workflow! Is there any way to see the progress of the download?
  8. Thank you so much deanishe! I highly appreciate your help! So every time there is only one argument you have to use a "?" instead of "&"?
  9. Thank you this worked for me. I have looked through it with the inspector tool and I understand how you did it. Thanks for the instruction! There is another site (telephone book) which I'm afraid is a bit more complicated: http://www.herold.at/telefonbuch/ It is about the first field that is called "Wer, Was?". I have found the line with the inspector: http://www.herold.at/servlet/at.herold.sp.servlet.SPWPSearchServlet and the field is called "searchterm". Unfortunately it doesn't work the same way as GolfWRX. How can I connect them so it works in Alfred?
  10. Hi, Could anybody tell me please how I can create a custom search for the GolfWRX forum. This is the link and at the top there is the search field: http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/ When I put in my search query I can't see it afterwards in the address bar (as it is the case for many other sites). Is there any app that helps me to see how the search query is sent to the site?
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