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  1. This worked for me too, probably because of often unlock my mac with my watch. tnx
  2. To me it does phonenumbers too (see images at the top) or am i misunderstanding you?
  3. Any other (feature) suggestions? ps: @nemrod I'll look later to see if that's possible
  4. Hi guys, i often check my iMessages to see if someone is online. With this workflow you can search for people based on their name / handle (email / telephone / etc) and full name If it's a gtalk users it displays the online status When you enter it focusses the iMessages app, selects the user and you're ready to type a message. todo: the other protocol (bonjour) but let me know if anyone's interested. Let me know what you think of it Download 0.01
  5. Download doesn't work anymore, can you up it again somewhere?
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