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  1. Imagine being me, dreaming of a Soulver workflow and finding out 7 years later that it finally exist but my Mac is now too old to support/install Soulver 3... I want to die.
  2. Hi very excited to see Alfred Remote finally out. I'm playing a little with it and I started imagining another main page for the app. I'm a big fan of Alfred's simplicity and power. I would recognise Alfred more if for example the Remote app had just one microphone icon button that when you press it, shows Alfred on my Mac and is ready to type whatever I'm saying. Exactly like Alfred for Mac, Alfred Remote should have just one simple magic key that does it all. or/and A remote Trackpad/keyboard is a must because we can't always talk to type. I wish it would copy the BTT Remote st
  3. I love Soulver but I hate having to open the app and having it on my dock just to make one or two calculations. Would it be possible to have the results directly in Alfred? It would be the best Christmas present I could get... With Alfred Remote that I'm still waiting PS: I don't know anything about workflow creation that's why I ask beg.
  4. - "Facebook Graph Search", At first I simply wanted to type "f" as a workflow shortcut and be able to search for contacts, pages to open in browser... But now with Graph Search it could go even further by typing "Photos of Contact Name"...etc - "Siri Answers style", Instead of talking to Siri I was wondering if it was possible to type questions in Alfred and get answers within Alfred like "what's the weather like?" "what's the capital of Australia?". I understand that this might require the "Siri intelligence" but I know Google started providing direct answers for queries (ex: if you type
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