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  1. Hello, i have a few workflows that i would like to use in the "default" search without using any specific keyword. The idea would be to add an option on workflows to allow them to be automatically triggered when we search a query without using any keyword (just like Applications, or Folders or Safari Bookmarks defined in the settings of Alfred) Thanks
  2. Ok thanks for your good answer and workaround. Maybe it can be a feature request to have an option on Workflows to allow them to be added in the default instant results
  3. Hello, i'm a new user of Alfred and its Powerpack. I love Alfred and i'm really really happy to have such a wonderful tool on my MacBook and i wanted to thank you Andrew and Vero. I have two questions i have not found an answer for when searching the forum. Sorry if it has already been discussed. I would like to enable Alfred to look in my Chrome Bookmarks and History. I have found two Workflows to do that and they work flawlessly. But, they have the same key word "ch". It seems to work but can someone confirm that if two or more Workflows have the same keyword, the results
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