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  1. Hi, I tested this approach, but I can't do what I wanted to. I want to create a new entry, not star a timer. Something like: tgp "project name" "time for this entry" No timer needs to start o finish. Thanks!
  2. Hi! Thanks for such a great workflow! I've taken a look at the usage section in GitHub, but couldn't find an answer to this: 1. What's the fastest way to star the timer for a specific project? I'd like to have a hotkey to fire the "start timer" action and the project. Something like typing "tgp start project name". 2. How can I quickly add a new time entry for a project? Thank you!
  3. Hi, guys! I'm getting this error: "Error in workflow /users...." Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Fixed! Thanks for such a great support. I wish all apps I bought offer half this courtesy :-)
  5. File sent :-) Although now I can't search for apps. Since I rebuilt the index, apps are not showing up :-( Skype is the one I most used, but now this is what I get: By the way, Divvy is not the only file I miss in Alfred. This issue happens with tons of files, but I can remember any other right now. I'll let you know. Thanks for your support.
  6. Yes and yes. This is how filecache.alfdb looks like:
  7. Done. But after that, divvy.app is still not showing up. I'm rebuilding the index again and see how it goes :-/
  8. Done! Alfred does find divvy.app when logged in as another user. What's the fix then? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I know there's plenty of threads about the same issue: Alfred not indexing. I did read some of them: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5830-alfred-cant-see-one-particular-folder/?hl=indexing#entry35891 http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5808-apps-not-indexing-despite-being-in-search-path-and-spotlight-finding-it/?hl=indexing But I can't find a solution. I went through all these steps a couple times, but the problem persist. I made sure files that Spotlight finds are in the Alfred scope, but still... I tested the Alfred metadata tool for one of the files it can't find and this is what I get: I've being struggling with this for month, gotten used to it. Now, I use both Alfred and Spotlight, but I don't thing this is ideal. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the workflow. What a pity... who.is does not work with .es domains :-/
  11. Great job! you just make me save some more minutes every day :-) Thank you.
  12. Great! Thanks for making my life more productive ;-)
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