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  1. It says: ————————— Error in workflow 'Alfred Books' tuple index out of range ————————— macOS 10.13.6 Alfred 4.0.3
  2. @dvcrn After update, it works ok. 1. Search in Alfred: "ds <item>" 2. [Enter] on the found item in the Alfred list –> The item opens in DevonThink Remarks: 1. The search does not ignore diacritics. If there is "Ramón" in DevonThink, searching for "ds ramon" in Alfred does not reveal the "Ramón" DT item. 2. It searches also in Trash which I think is not handy. Anyway, nice workflow! Jiri
  3. Say there is a .doc file in DevonThink. Alfred finds that file. Now how can that file be revealed in DevonThing? It seems that it is only possible to open the found file which opens Word?
  4. On macOS Sierra 10.12.3 Safri says "Cannot open the page" for both {local, public} IP:21025 After "Start/Stop web server" -> "Start server" appears in Alfred There is no "Stop server" command (as shown on screenshots here).
  5. Does it work with Alfred 3? After: Hammerspoon/"Reload Config": Unable to start Alfred 2 Alfred 3 is running, so Alfred 2 can't be started. ...
  6. OneNote (Mac App Store version) does not open linked files (i.e. file:///folder/file.ext) because "The application Microsoft OneNote does not have permission to open <it>". Is it possible (with Alfred / other tool) to open such linked files from OneNote? Thanks & Regards, Jiri 1. A linked file in a OneNote: 2. After clicking the link:
  7. Alfred's Preferences are set to search for/display AppleScripts in ~/Library/Scripts folder. Still, Alfred does not display AppleScripts from that folder. Alfred's Preferences (1) Preferences (2)
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