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  1. Hi First of all: Alfred is great. It makes life so much easier. I would like to resurrect a question about symlinks: How can I make Alfred 2 find links to applications in the `/Applications folder? The Folder itself is added to the Search Scope, and applications in it are found. Also, if I install applications via brew cask install ... they are found as well. But there are a few homebrew programs (R, R-gui, ...) which can not be installed via brew cask but which have .app folder. These can be linked to the /Applications or ~/Applications folder. Now to add all apps separately would be not feasible, so I figured out that adding /usr/local/Cellar to the Search Scope makes Alfred 2 find the apps - but this is problematic, as different versions can exist which probably do not work properly. So the best solution would be if Alfred 2 could identify these symlinkes pointing to apps and to show these in the search results. Is this possible? Thanks, Rainer
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