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  1. thanks @vitor! I updated and I noticed that my Alfred window now persists (fails to disappear) after opening the bookmark, does anybody else observe this?
  2. I have version 3.0.0 and it is working regularly. I do have the fixer API so I am not sure it would work without it. have you checked the debugger window?
  3. thank you!! 🙌 that's what I thought I did, probably I was expecting Alfred to learn sooner? thanks again for this and your other great workflows, and for educating the community.
  4. hello@Albert Z and welcome to the forum! you only need to invoke the workflow menu to set up language, currency etc, otherwise just enter your conversion request (e.g. "1 gallon to liter") directly into alfred and Calculate Anything will interpret it... that's the beauty of it!
  5. Happy Friday! Do any of the Pinboard workflows out there support Alfred's learning based on usage? @vitor I tried to add a UID to yours – my current favorite – it didn't work (but I know nothing about ruby)
  6. Hi @Cliff, you need to return a JSON or XML object. if you can use zsh (with input as argv) this below works #!/bin/zsh myVar=$(( $1 *0.029 +0.3)) myVar_f=$(printf "%.2g" $myVar) cat << EOB {"items": [ { "title": "your fee is $myVar_f", "subtitle": "your input was $1", "arg": $myVar_f, } ]} EOB
  7. 1) I often have more than one such file filter in a single workflow and it would be more efficient to change only once, 2) it sounds easier for users who might not be familiar with the process and 3) in general I was curious about the way changing file filter options works. thanks!!
  8. I wanted to double check that I got this correctly: If I have a file filter in my workflow and I want the user to set the scope in the workflow variables in the config sheet, the only way to launch that file filter is by using a keyword (so an extra ↩ī¸)) or a hotkey, followed by a JSON Config object?
  9. hi @sibicle welcome to the forum! Date formatting works in snippets, how do you want the output to look like?
  10. I must be missing something... If I do that, the random generator gets reset at each rerun... here is my simplified code: import sys import time from workflow import Workflow3 import random def main(wf): random.seed() # setting a value, e.g. random.seed(4) will produce the same number every time myRandString = str(random.randint(0, 1000)) wf.rerun = 1 goals=get_goals() for x in goals: wf.add_item(title=x['blabla1'], subtitle="blabla", icon = myIcon, valid='TRUE', uid=x['blabla2'] +
  11. thanks, but wouldn't I need to pass a new (random) seed, each time the workflow is triggered?
  12. @vitor this works but Alfred will learn the selection and change the order of results (undesired here). I read that a random UID is recommended to obviate this issue, however this random number should be generated outside the script filter, correct? (otherwise a new one gets generated for each rerun)... I used a Random utility and passed the output to the python script and that works, however now the script filter needs to be triggered either by a hotkey or a keyword (so an extra ↩ī¸ is needed). Am I missing anything? In other words, is there any other way to pass to a script filter a random nu
  13. FYI @Mikeatalfred these Markdown Notes by @Acidham include an `Upload Asset for MD Notes` file action which could be helpful to you
  14. welcome to the forum! what kind of events?
  15. or you might want to try Hook, a nice app with an Alfred-like interface to create bidirectional links between files/webpages.
  16. If you link a hotkey to a 'run script object' set to applescript and with the code below, then copy that to clipboard, this should do what you are after. You would press the hotkey and this would apply to the file currently selected in Finder (or you can restrict the workflow scope to Finder). You can also use the text in the clipboard before the action and add it to the square brackets (e.g. if `myfile` is in the clipboard you would get `[myfile](myfilelink)`) hope this helps on run argv tell application "Finder" get selection as alias set aliasItemName to selection as alias
  17. @poirpomthe hover issue should not matter, because I was able to hide the sidebar running the applescript from script editor and terminal. Would remapping the actual key (with Karabiner or similar) be a solution here?
  18. is this the page you are looking for? https://web.archive.org/web/20130629150401/http://my.safaribooksonline.com/book/programming/applescript/0596008503/manipulating-text/applescripttmm-chp-4-sect-2
  19. I tried this (on a US keyboard) and it works from Script Editor and from Terminal via ```osascript``` but NOT from Alfred. I tried with an osascript(AS) run script object (as recommended) and running via bash script but neither worked ... perhaps some additional permissions are needed? Can you try and see if you have the same problem by saving those 2 lines as an applescript using the script editor and see if that works?
  20. welcome to the forum! Have you tried to launch a simple applescript like this below? tell application "Notion" to activate tell application "System Events" to key code 42 using command down
  21. for future reference: this seemed to be related to Google Drive, I was running this workflow from a symlinked folder in google drive (I know, it's a no-no ). From that same source it worked correctly on catalina and incorrectly on big sur. Works fine on both, if symlinked from a regular folder. thanks again!
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