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  1. awesome work @vitor! Would it be possible to limit the output to folders, like in Alfred's Simple Folders Filter? e.g. gdf and typing query will return matching folders only. thanks!!
  2. open, in Finder, right-click, select "Open" https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/open-a-mac-app-from-an-unidentified-developer-mh40616/mac
  3. oh I see. perhaps using a command line tool like this?
  4. you can play a sound right before or after launching an app via Alfred, but I don't think you can suppress/replace the native sound from the app?
  5. If you use Complice, a great tool to manage your goals and time, you might find this workflow useful. Thanks – as usual – to @deanishe for the alfred-workflow package and help on this forum. Feedback welcome!
  6. if they are always separate by the same character (e.g. '-') you can use the Split Argument to Variables utility. If you want to assign specific variable names you can add an Arguments and Variables utility
  7. @deanishe this is super helpful, thank you! The script currently adds a new line at the end of the string (or at least there is one when copied to clipboard), any chance it is possible to avoid that?
  8. where do you want 'hello world' to be printed?
  9. thanks @Matman67 I made a similar point last year... for me showing the beginning and the end of the path would be sufficient (so basically making sure that the beginning and the end of the path are included, and replacing anything that doesn't fit with '...' in the middle of the path)
  10. add bash? bash test.sh "${1}" works for me (I get an error from the script though)
  11. awesome! 😍 I repurposed a workflow to remove extra spaces when pasting from a PDF etc... works very nicely. thanks for making Alfred better and better.
  12. does this command work in terminal? what is the expected output?
  13. remove the cd command, just python3 (or whatever works in terminal) and the absolute path to your python script
  14. The recommendation is to use a run script object set to shell (bash or zsh), and the launch a python script from there as you would in terminal. this allows you to use a proper code editor for troubleshooting. more details and discussions here:
  15. Hi @Jason30, This workflow (keyword: devon) should do what you want, but it still goes through DEVONthink and, because of that, it is slow. If you describe your use case in more detail, there might be a better solution. Also, please note that you can also enter the UUID only (e.g. 4D3C5C22-DF6C-4264-A279-A0B7386A2822 in your example). hope this helps!
  16. you are missing the query field, and I think you have an extra comma. this should work: https://www.google.com/search?q={query}&tbs=qdr:y
  17. @deanisheI am trying to migrate my scripts to Python3 and I get this error below from your Workflow, what am I doing wrong? my python3 version should be 3.9.4. thanks! File "[...].py", line 12, in <module> from workflow import Workflow3, ICON_WEB, web File "[...]/src/workflow/__init__.py", line 16, in <module> from .workflow import Workflow, manager File "[...]/src/workflow/workflow.py", line 25, in <module> import cPickle ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'cPickle'
  18. delete these lines below from the python script, or use this version if Days > 0: finalString = finalString + str(Days) + 'd ' yes, as @deanishe says if you are able to select the date you might want to apply the script to the clipboard content and launch it with a hotkey
  19. you mean entering year and month only? like: `2003-Dec`?
  20. this should work with your format, keyword: 'age'. hope this helps
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