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  1. No worries! I was just curious if there was a known way to do so that I was missing. I hope they add something like that. Regardless, it took me a few days, but I'm currently using your workflow exclusively for navigating and adding Pinboard links on my Mac. Thanks a million for that! If there would be one suggestion, it would be to slightly tweak the way of adding the description from highlighted text: I'd recommend that — instead of having to type brackets, which are somewhat challenging to hit accurately all the time (I accidentally hit 'p' quite a bit, particularly in the dark
  2. This is looking really good so far. Quick question though: do you know how to remove an entry from the results? In my specific example, Alfred wants to show Printers & Scanners. And it's a tiny bit annoying. Any help is appreciated! Edit: Sorry for the huge screenshot!
  3. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this Workflow. It immediately became useful as I wanted to check my warranty status, and it pops up the serial number and copies it for me. Very nifty, and very nice work!
  4. Great stuff! I will definitely find this useful as well.
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