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  1. No worries! I was just curious if there was a known way to do so that I was missing. I hope they add something like that. Regardless, it took me a few days, but I'm currently using your workflow exclusively for navigating and adding Pinboard links on my Mac. Thanks a million for that! If there would be one suggestion, it would be to slightly tweak the way of adding the description from highlighted text: I'd recommend that — instead of having to type brackets, which are somewhat challenging to hit accurately all the time (I accidentally hit 'p' quite a bit, particularly in the dark, and especially when trying to do it as quick as possible with Alfred to maximize time saved) — you type two single quote marks ('') instead. It's faster to type (at least in my opinion), it's immediately accessible to the right of your pinky finger, it's less movement of your fingers, it makes sense logically, as you are, in some respect, 'quoting' the content you selected on the page, and it's not something you'd accidentally type. Or, if you wanted to get even faster, use the backtick key ( ` )to the left of the "1", which, as I have just learned via Wikipedia, represents substitution in programming terms. Makes sense! Edit: Only issue with the backtick key is that it's close to escape, and it's also a bit of a challenge to find if you're in a hurry and not used to hitting it (which I am not). Given that, I'd stick to recommending the single quotes key. And, again, awesome work!
  2. This is looking really good so far. Quick question though: do you know how to remove an entry from the results? In my specific example, Alfred wants to show Printers & Scanners. And it's a tiny bit annoying. Any help is appreciated! Edit: Sorry for the huge screenshot!
  3. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this Workflow. It immediately became useful as I wanted to check my warranty status, and it pops up the serial number and copies it for me. Very nifty, and very nice work!
  4. Great stuff! I will definitely find this useful as well.
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