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  1. Hey Dude, I fixed your script. Check this out: http://d.pr/f/L4OO Note: I've changed "bttoggle" to "bt". That's shorter for me
  2. I made a simple VPN toggle Workflow which helps you to toggle quickly to any VPN you want to. Installation: - Import the Workflow-data into Alfred 2 - Open the first AppleScript, search "YourDefaultVPNName" and replace it with the name of your most-used VPN connection. Usage: Type vpn to toggle your default VPN-Connection Or: type vpn NameOfAnVPNConnection to toggle the VPN-Connection of your choice! Last but not least - the .alfredworkflow-file: http://d.pr/f/kMRh Have fun with it :-) Update: There was one untranslated description.
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