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  1. dserodio

    Packal: Workflow and Theme Repository

    Search is broken in Packal, when I try to search I get the following error: Also, the error page gives more details than it should (stacktrace and file locations), which is a security issue, you may want to look into that.
  2. dserodio

    Dash - Documentation for 80+ APIs

    Is there some way to disable this behaviour? I'd like to activate the Dash workflow only when I begin my Alfred query with "dash". I got lots of docsets so the workflow is activated too often for my taste. I'm using Alfred 3.0.3 and Dash 3.3.1. Thanks.
  3. It's a very tiny bug, but I think it's work reporting anyway The changelog for Alfred 3 is showing headers with hash signs instead of rendering as headers:
  4. When using the modifier keys (like Ctrl for Search with the default web search, Alt for Search with Spotlight and Cmd for Reveal in Finder (if local)), the icon shown on Alfred should reflect the action that will be activated, like the default web search icon, the Spotlight icon and the Finder icon in the example I gave instead of the icon representing the result itself.
  5. dserodio

    Get RSA Key

    Thanks for making this available. One alternative to manually entering the PIN is saving it in the OS X KeyChain (in my case I save it as "RSA SecurID PIN" and then retrieving it with: security -q find-generic-password -gl 'RSA SecurID PIN' 2>&1 | egrep '^password' | awk -F\\\" '{print $2}') And then using this instead of {query} in the bash script, i.e.: osascript Get-RSA-Key.scpt $(security -q find-generic-password -gl 'RSA SecurID PIN' 2>&1 | egrep '^password' | awk -F\\\" '{print $2}'); echo Copied key to clipboard: `pbpaste`
  6. dserodio

    Text Shortcut - Create text abbreviations

    I'm getting two extra newlines when I expand a text shortcut, eg, I copy "test" to the clipboard when adding, and when expanding I get "test\n\n". Is this expected?
  7. dserodio

    Clipboard pasting in wrong window/display

    Yeah, this seems to be application-specific. Firefox behaves correctly: I have a Firefox window open on each display, after showing and hiding Alfred the focus returns to the correct (ie. the previously focused) window. If I have Sublime Text focused, after showing and hiding Alfred the focus always returns to the primary display. Changing Alfred's preference to show on the active or default screen doesn't make a difference in this regard. Is there some workaround you can do in Alfred, or can only the Sublime Text developer fix this? Regards, Daniel Serodio
  8. Context: I have an external monitor plugged into my MBP. The main display is the MBP built-in, so that's where Alfred opens. Sublime Text is open and has multiple windows in both displays. I'm using a Sublime Text window in the external (secondary) display, so it is focused. I hit Cmd+Opt+C (Sublime loses focus, Alfred is focused), select the snippet I want and hit Enter. Results: The text is pasted in a Sublime window in the primary display Expected results: The text should be pasted in the Sublime window that was focused when I hit Cmd+Opt+C, which is in the secondary display
  9. dserodio

    Minimal Monokai

    @mrap, I tried to download it but the link's broken. Can you please post it again?
  10. dserodio

    Smoked Theme

    The link you posted now says it works in "OS X 10.9 Mavericks from Alfred 2.3 onwards", but the property value is an int from 0 to 15 instead of a float from 0.0 to 5.0. It's working with Alfred 2.3 and OS X 10.9.3 for me.
  11. dserodio

    terminal <tab> suggestions

    For quick shell commands, including TAB support, I use DTerm
  12. dserodio


    Forgive the newbie question, but how do I enable said blur? Thanks