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  1. I would like to update m PowerPack license.I have dropped Eartlink and now have an iCloud address How do do that? Thanks in Advance!
  2. Oh I see. I was expecting to see a list of computer an then choose the one I wanted to control. Would be better with a list to choose a particular computer. Thanks for you answer.
  3. I thought it would but I got to work on one computer but on the other it just keeps trying to load an never does. Thanks for the reply
  4. I just got the remote and it set up to my one laptop fine, but the second one just won't connect. Am I able to us more than 1 computer with this remote?
  5. Is it possible to shut down a Mac using the remote? Do you have to be on the same network and could that be done from a different location too? Thanks in Advance!
  6. It appears that this has fixed it. Thanx Much!
  7. Any way to unlock my mac once I start or have a screen save started that locks the screen?
  8. Since the recent update I find that even though I have ONLY the applications box checked, Alfred is not finding many of my apps. Maybe I need to change the settings but sure don't know what to set them as since the only one checked is the applications. Any ideas how to get ALL applications to show up?
  9. Why not make a list of all the things that Alfred can do and then post the list and make the list all hyperlinks that would go to discussions or directions of how to do these things. That would at least be a good place to start off for people who might not be aware of ALL the available and newly found functions.
  10. Nothing in particular but I was just wondering what I might be missing that could be done that I might be doing with other apps currently.
  11. Any chance there is or will be an actual user manual? There are so many things that can be done, I would like to have a list and explanation of how to use them all. This would make the program much more user friendly for people who might not be aware of it all....?
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