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  1. I want to have a set of 10 random ready made phrases. I want to be able to insert these into an email reply in Gmail - at any time, I want a random choice. Can I use Alfred to help me do this? Thanks. Omar
  2. I want to copy x URL's and then paste into a browser text field How can I do this? Thanks Omar
  3. david, that sounds awesome i need to get the python script running on my mac (currently running on pc) i'll post back in a few days if i have any troubles (might take that long to get python script working) thanks for replying
  4. I want to run a Python script How can create a keyboard shortcut do this? Can I supply an arguement when calling the script? Apologies in advance... if that's a super dumb question I've had Alfred installed for sometime, but never actually used Thanks Omar
  5. I need to copy 5 form fields (one at a time) from a form in one browser I then need to paste these 5 fields into another form on a different browser I need both processes automated In a previous post, I was told I can do this - with the help of Alfred's clipboard feature I'm not sure where to start... Can someone give me a few pointers? In Windows, I do this with AutoHotKey So, I start off in the first forms field The script sends a 'CTRL A' to select all in the field... then sends 'CTRL C' (and stores into a variable), then send TAB to move to the next field, then sends 'CTRL C' and repeats for the rest of the form fields Do I need to read up on how to use AppleScript? I wasnt sure how I would access Alfred's clipboard Any help would be great Thanks Omar
  6. I'm replying to an old question I posted Thanks for the reply One of the things I need is to assign the copying of fields from one form and then secondly pasting into the second for into keyboard short cuts From what I have seen, I can do this using Alfred But, doing this and doing the first bit if copying form fields and then pasting, do I need Alfred to do this? Is there any advantage using Alfred as opposed to using just Applescript? For example, lets say I did the first part of copying and pasting fields, is it any better to use Alfred to assign keyboard short cuts? Can I not do this using Applescript alone? Thanks
  7. @david, that was awesome what did you hit to get the first paste window to open? snippets: i use type it for me at the moment i have keywords stored. so, if i type "]keyword" (with the right square bracket first)... then my keyword gets typed as soon as i hit space or enter does alfred work in the same way? thanks
  8. Is there a video showing the clipboard history functionality being used? I want to upgrade on Alfred My main usage is to use the clipboard history I use a free program called Flycut It's awesome - but there's one annoying feature that I dont like A video would be great Thanks Omar
  9. I have to copy about 5 fields from one browser and then paste these same fields into another browser This takes a lot of time! OK, so maybe a minute or 2 only... But I have to do this many many times Can Alfred help me automate this? At the moment I have a small program that allows me to access my cache - the last xx items I have copied and allows me to paste This helps a lot. From what I read, Alfred also allows this. Can I do what I want though? Thanks Omar
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