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  1. @Vero and @vitor Thanks for your clarification and it clears my doubt. Warm, Alfred's Mega Supporter.
  2. I’ve just used Task Explorer (from Objective-see.com) to scan my Mac and found Bkav Pro in the Alfred Framework: /Applications/Alfred 4.app/Contents/Frameworks/Alfred Framework.framework/Versions/A/Alfred Framework The report can be seen here: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/f57476d0bea44e4fb3e8c96165c8f83c3eceb40f2d87967fb23843655a900135/detection One engine detected this file Bkav Pro: VEX.Webshell Is it something that we should be concerned about? (Anyway, this is a new Mac, installed very few softwares so far.)
  3. I wonder if this workflow can work with multiple contacts. For example, there are two best friends that I always message something to, we created a group, and I would love to have a shortcut to message BOTH at the same time. Thanks for writing up this script.
  4. Hi, thanks for making this script. I deleted the old workflow, restart my computer, download and install the new one, but it doesn't work for me. I can see a message showing "upload to imgur", but I couldn't find the uploaded URL and the image doesn't show up in my Imgur. Could anyone help? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your reply, I will see if I could learn how to do it, hope either me or you, or others could come up a solution soon. Anyway, I like your Egg Timer.
  6. HI, thanks for making this egg timer. I would like to make an egg timer for several seconds, sometimes I just want to type "timer 45 seconds" but I'm not very familiar with the command in the script, is there a way to modify it? Thank you! #NEW TIMER? if [[ ${input[0]} =~ ^[0-9,:]+$ ]]; then ./scripts/input_new_timer.sh "$x" exit else ./scripts/input_other_options.sh "$x" fi
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