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  1. v.6 added: New link post draft command (only for modified Jekyll sites - please the Link and video postssection) added: New video post draft command (only for modified Jekyll sites - please the Link and video postssection) added: Tweet article command (requires Tweetbot for Mac) change: added a sed line to the Publish draft action that replaces the date: line in the post's YAML front matter with a line containing current date and time to ensure the correct order of multiple posts from the same date change: the current date is now added to the front matter of new drafts and pages change: added
  2. Solved it. AppleScript writes CRs where Jekyll expects LFs. I added the following line and substituted "return" with "lf" throughout the script: set lf to (ASCII character 10)
  3. Hello, my Jekyll workflow creates plain text files containing YAML frontmatter templates for the posts. So far the shell script actions work great, but I'm working on new commands that require AppleScript. I've basically finished one to create link posts, but... The file written by the script looks like a regular file in the text editor, but the frontmatter is not correctly recognized by Jekyll. Strange thing: if I just copy the content, paste it into a new file in the editor and then save the file, it works flawlessly. Since the content is exactly the same I guess it must have to do s
  4. That was it. Thank you very much! I'm new to Apple Script as well as to more complex Alfred workflows. Now that you pointed it out it's so obvious it hurts.
  5. Hi, I'm working on a link post command for my Jekyll workflow. It's an AppleScript that reads the a URL, its title and the selected text from Safari and then creates a Jekyll draft with this information filled in. It works fine from the AppleScript editor, but when I run it from Alfred, I get the following error: [ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.applescript] { NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = "Expected \U201cend\U201d but found \U201con\U201d."; NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = "Expected \U201cend\U201d but found \U201con\U201d."; NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = "-2741"; NSAppleScrip
  6. v.5 renamed and shortened keywords changed action descriptions changed "blog" to "site" throughout the workflow corrected typos
  7. Should have watched my kids climbing trees. Made an Alfred workflow instead...

  8. v.4 renamed keywords to better fit my workflow moved to GitHub
  9. v.3 Mr. Poole now uses variables for user dependent values throughout all scripts and script filters to facilitate customisation
  10. I've just tweaked the workflow a little bit, updated the documentation and made my post more readable with VĂ­tor's MarkdownBulletin workflow - it's incredible that when I googled the infinite interwebzzz for a Markdown to BBCode converter I found the solution right here in this forum.
  11. Mr. Poole - Dr. Jekyll's Butler Overview Mr. Poole is an Alfred workflow for Jekyll sites. He is Dr. Jekyll's butler and tries to take the drudgery out of running a static site. Mr. Poole will assist you by... creating, opening and publishing drafts of regular as well as link and video posts opening existing posts for editing opening existing pages for editing starting a local server with the site including drafts opening the site folder in Sublime Text for development plus the above deploying the site to your server with rsync tweeting about (new) posts Details and Download For
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