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  1. Is there a ready made workflow to launch FireFox and Thunderbird ?
  2. So, why not go Help from the Apple menu whereby you get swept away with super jet speed to the Welcome to the Alfred v2 Support site that for the most part provides a plethera of headnumbing information. Oh, and it's also a colourful site.
  3. OK, i finally figured out how to launch Alfred using hot keys. For now i am using control option command letter A. Now how do i assign hot keys to an application or folder ? And after i assign the hot keys to an application etc do i have to launch Alfred first ?
  4. Ahm, what are warning points??? Is it very difficult to earn warning points ?
  5. Just a guess here by Mr Magoo: Perhaps you inadvertently used or set "command A" as the hot key combination to bring up Alfred ? If you go to, that is, open Alfred's preferences take a look in Alfred's General preference window to ascertain what the hotkeys are for Alfred. Just a guess. There are far more expereienced users at this forum that may have the answer and help for you. In fact, Mr Magoo has set up these four keys: control option command lettre A to bring up Alfred since the lettre A reminds Mr Magoo he is using Alfred and the modifier keys are very easy to press down.
  6. Thanks. The link showing the symbols used is a great help. My work around, to help this old brain will be to take a marker pen and mark the modifier keys especially the option and control keys with those symbols. There! that will also make Mr Magoo happy. I know it's not an Alfred thing however why not include the "legend" in Alfred's General Preference page there is certainly room on that page. I have "hot"keys for a zillion applications and more then often i forget what they are so when i go into the application to reboot my mind it would be helpfull if the application itself would help wi
  7. I keep my "games" and "midi/audio/video" applications on external firewired hard drives. Games located on one external firewired hard drive and the midi/audio/video applications located on another external firewired hard drive. The midi/audio/video related files on a third external firewired hard drive. The three hard drives are always on when my iMac fires up. How do i help Alfred find those applications or even midi/audio/video files ? At the moment he does not even know they exist. Now if that is explained somewhere in the manual or previously discussed topic please point me in that di
  8. Thanks for the legend MOM. As Alfred's MOM please tell your son Alfred to show the legend in the General Preference page becasue not only does Mr Magoo have eye problems but also memory problemz these days. Thanks MOM.
  9. When trying to decide what modifier keys i want to use to set Alfred the modifier keys i want to use show up as funny looking characters. More then often I forget what modifier keys i have set. Looking at those characters tells me nothing. Why can't you show a legend of those modifier keys below "Alfred Hotkey" ? There seems to be more then enough space to include a legend.
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