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  1. actually I had to use open "{query}" in a bash script, but this way it works. Thanks
  2. I try to create a workflow, that lists search_results and opens the relevant gitlab-markdown script on select. Therefore I want to use link-anchors to jump to the correct section in the markdown file. Therefore I used something like: wf.add_item(title=src['content'], icon=u'imgs/{}.png'.format(src['file'].split(".",1)[0]), subtitle=subtitle, arg='aws.md#s3', valid=True) However my link aws.md#s3 gets replaced with the ASCI-Encoding (https://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_urlencode.asp) when used by the "open url"-step, so in this case:
  3. Hi, I love using nodepad++. Sadly I really often need some other IDE to to something. My workflow looks the following: save file in sublime change to some special IDE (in this case RStudio) Do something to import the file (in this case run source('~/.../functions.R') I really don't know wether it's good or bad that I did not find anything regarding this but: How can I do stuff within some program (here sublime) using Alfred Workflows? Using Applescript? Thanks for any help (and I really hope this question is not to stupid, but I did not find anything...)
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