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  1. Thanks for this. I'm looking at abandoning Evernote and Alfred integration is important to me, so Notes seems to be preferable to OneNote. This workflow clued me in to where the notes are stored locally and I've added ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.Notes to my search scope; now my notes show up in my searches without needing to use the Note keyword of the workflow, though it is nice to also be able to limit the scope to just notes. Bonus points for the search to also work on notes stored on my Exchange server (my pre-Evernote notes).
  2. Thanks, face. That seems to have been the issue; however, the fix was not exactly intuitive and may prove problematic in the long term. Since OSX uses SMB as the default sharing protocol (as of Mavericks), I had to jump through some hoops. I had the shares set up as accessible via either AFP or SMB so I could access them from both Windows and Mac systems. Even when I manually connected to the AFP version of the share via the Finder's Connect to Server command or an Apple Script, Alfred would not find the files. I had to completely disable SMB connections on each share in order to get things to
  3. I am primarily searching for plain old pdf files, sometimes by name, sometimes by content. Either way works from Spotlight, but not Alfred. The path saved in the search scope is /Volumes/sharename. I got it into the list by dragging the share from my desktop onto the search scope field in the Alfred settings. The shared volume is connected to the other Mac via USB. I started to think that maybe having a space in the name of the volume might be causing an issue, but using Alfred to find files/folders on it from the Mac it is directly attached to works fine (the search scope entry is identi
  4. I have a shared folder located on another Mac. It is indexed and Spotlight finds files on it just fine, but Alfred does not find the files. I've tried listing the share in the search scope, a custom workflow with the share as the only search scope, and another custom workflow with a folder on the share as the only search scope. None of that has worked. If I copy a file from the share to a local folder it will show up in Alfred. Is there something I am missing about the way this is supposed to work?
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