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  1. Out of the big ones like Adobe, Microsoft or Apple, support is rarely available in multiple languages (and when they do, it’s sometimes horrible — I’m looking at you Microsoft!!). It happens, but it is far from the rule (I don’t even think OmniGroup offers support in anything other than English). Many apps also don’t provide localized documentation. As I mentioned a while back, I wish the app could provide some sort of plug-in/extension for the localization though. That would shift the entire issue on the community of users: Zero liability or responsibility for you — blame the volunteers for not updating the plug-in when it happens 🙂 Anyway, again, I very much appreciate all the work you do on Alfred and I’m just here to say that if you ever want to reconsider, ping me and I’ll do everything I can to help. Corentin
  2. A number of developers in these situations make some updates available immediately and add point-point release updates with the localizations once they become available. In most cases though, there isn’t all that much that’s needed for the localization updates and the localizers can easily keep up. Alfred has a string and devoted user base. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find a good team of volunteers for all languages. In addition, having multiple localizers implies that you’re likely to almost always have someone available to cover up for a quick update when needed. That’s really not the aspect that would worry me the most. Alfred is faaaaaarrrrr from the only one-man dev team app I’ve worked with. The first app I ever localized for instance was FinderPop from Turly O'Connor and back then, I had to redo most of the localization by hand through RedEdit for every update and we never had much of an issue (tools improved with MacOS X though 🙂 ). Workload-wise, I’m more worried about the structure of the app. Not everything is in .lproj right now for instance. I also haven’t looked in the .nib, but I that’s also a frequent point of concern (using dynamic fields instead of fixed size etc.). The app might need some up front restructuring to ease the localization process in the long term, but once that’s taken care of, it could be fairly painless. Corentin
  3. Josy is old school for sure, but she’s an AMAZING proofreader. Nothing gets past her.
  4. Both. I’ve also worked on localizations locally (from A to Z on my own Mac, which was a lot easier to do when iLocalize was still around and working) and through online platforms. I understand very well both the technical and logistical challenges, but there are ways to somewhat ease the pain. Véro raises some very valid points, but I’d like to add that many non-English speaking users don’t have the same expectations when it comes to localizations: They can’t use the app at all when it’s not in their language, so getting the app with a localized UI is a huge thing for them. They don’t necessarily demand (expect) support to be in their own language. Many apps worked around the issue by stating (on their site or even in the UI of the app) that support was only provided in English. As for managing the localizations in different languages, it can indeed be a challenge. It works best if someone on your team understands the languages, or if you can rely on a “lead” volunteer localizer to approve the strings. 1Password was mentioned in previous messages and that’s how they manage it (and I happen to be one of the “approvers” for the French localizations of 1Password. As far as I am concerned, the biggest challenge for the localizations (especially for an app as popular as Alfred) is not to deal with localizers or their localizations, but to make sure the app itself is structured to be localizable and deal with difference in lengths between languages (Véro should be able to attest to it… French is notoriously longer then English for instance). Again, I’m not trying to pressure our friends at Alfred in any way or to argue about how hard or easy it might be. I’m just saying: I understand your points, and if you ever want to reconsider and localize the app, I’d be more than happy to provide all the assistance I can 🙂 Corentin
  5. Crowdin, OneSky, Transifex, there is no shortage of collaborative localizations platforms these days. I've localized a number of apps before and I’d be more than happy to help out fora French localization of Alfred as well. The question of the localization of Alfred has been raised years and years ago, it’d be nice to see the app finally accessible to non-English speakers too 🙂 Corentin
  6. Two options: Remove the unused identity and rename the working one to match the default name. Edit the path in the workflow (by far the easiest) to reflect the custom path that applies on your Mac. Corentin
  7. And by the way, with the latest version of the script, for a contact the shorthand should have been “olkc Katie” (olkc for contacts, olkm for messages and olke for events).
  8. I've never seen the database file error. The way the workflow work is by searching through Spotlight for filetypes belonging to Outlook (contacts, messages and events) in the ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile folder. It could be: Some sort of permission issue (check that the ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile folder is readable) A path issue (lets say, your database had to be renamed because of a corruption, do you have more than one profile folder in ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/?) A launch service database issue (you need to rebuild the launch service database, a free app like Onyx could do that for you). Corentin
  9. The workflows leverage Spotlight customized searches which can be used in any apps and are not affected but the new Mojave security restrictions. Many of the other workflows for Alfred rely on scripts and require that Alfred has special authorization in the Security & Privacy prefpane (Security > Accessibility and Automation). The problem most of the time is either that the System doesn't notice that the app has been added to Accessibility (but you can uncheck and recheck the app), or that it doesn't prompt you to add it to the Automation section (and then, as to now, you can't do a thing to trigger the warning allowing you to add the app in Automations). Corentin
  10. I edited the workflow to replace references to Outlook 15 to 2016. All three triggers are provided in one workflow. You can find the new one here: http://www.cortig.net/files/Outlook2016Searches.alfredworkflow.zip Corentin
  11. Outlook 15.x and 16.x work through the same mechanisms. The workflow for Outlook "15" should work just the same in Outlook "16" (both still labeled as Outlook 2016 actually): http://www.cortig.net/files/Outlook15Workflows.zip I'm using the workflow myself on my Mac and it's working fine. I can search for messages, contacts, etc, and select the messages in Alfred to see them in Outlook. What do you mean it's not clickable? What happens when you hit Return on one of the returns in Alfred? Corentin
  12. And if that’s the case, the answer is simple: install the workflow offered here and whenever you want to search for Outlook contacts use the trigger to search through the workflow.
  13. I'm not sure I"m following you. Did you install the workflow for Alfred offered here? The latest version is at http://www.cortig.net/files/Outlook15Workflows.zip Corentin
  14. Nice, thanks!! I had completely forgotten to update the workflows for Outlook 15. Editing the previous ones is fairly trivial, but in case people don't know the location of the identity in Outlook 15, or the details that need adjustments, I placed updated (Outlook 15 only) workflows in a zip archive here: http://www.cortig.net/files/Outlook15Workflows.zip I didn't mean to duplicate your new workflow boutwell. I thought reposting the whole set was still useful since you only provided the workflow for messages, and not contacts and calendar events. Corentin
  15. I tried deleting my message but I was't fast enough :-> It turns out I had not clicked on the Add iOS remote button yet… I was under the false assumption that this was only for local connections from the same LAN and not for direct connections for the WAN. I clicked it and was able to "pair" the Mac and the remote. Corentin
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