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  1. Futura and browns and blue/greens and warmpinks Tenenbaums Get it here: https://snaek.org/s/quvar/Tenenbaums.alfredappearance Looks like this:
  2. It is called Alexandria for the sake of a convoluted backstory.
  3. I saw some other Yosemite's Spotlight-style themes but this one is closer. Yosemite's Spotlight does a weird thing where it subtly blends the user's desktop background with the white, then applies a blurred opacity against whatever is currently behind it. wtf, right? closest we can get is defaults write com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 experimentalBlur -int 15 in the terminal (see and a theme like this. Here is Yosemite spotlight: And here Alexandria: yay and here is a link: https://snaek.org/s/goyun/Alexandria.alfredappearance (it's
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