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  1. no i actually did download it from github, and this is also v 0.9.3 like on packal and both versions have the keyword "spotifious" and i deletes the old version first....
  2. ok, i did download it a week ago maybe my version was old.... thanks for the great and fast support btw
  3. ok, figured the second one out... i had to change the keyword in the second "bubble" (the Script filter) in the Spotifious Workflow form "spotifous" to "spot" so just problem No 1 is still open
  4. Hi, great workflow, but i have two questions/Problems: 1) For me the play/pause option is only working when i time play or pause after the hotkey when i just use the hotkey and try to use the "cmd+2" option i can see in spotify the progess bar jumps back to the beginning and pauses the title, no matter if it is already playing or not. i can't use this to resume a title or play a title 2) when i use the "search for .... with spotifius" it is not working for me, although i have spotifius installed I can see that it tries to pass the search to spotifius using the keyword "spot" but i
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