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  1. Parenthesis as well. It's fixed, now.
  2. I've published the following to GitHub (https://github.com/Tam-Lin/julian_date) I'll be putting a version up on Packal shortly. Dates in the mainframe world are denoted by the number of days from January 1st of a given year, often referred to as the Julian Date. (I have Julian in quotation marks in the title because strictly speaking, the Julian Date is the number of days since January 1, 4713 BC; the date used in the mainframe world is the ordinal date.) Functionality Display today's Julian Date Calculate an offset of today's Julian Date Calculate a YYYY-MM-DD date given a Julian Date Calculate a Julian Date given a date in a variety of different formats After the result has been calculated, you can send a result to the clipboard by selecting the value you want to copy. Notes There are a lot of things that could be improved, such as dealing better with invalid entries, but it works well enough for me right now. Credits The workflow is primarily written in python, using the following additional libraries: deanishe's Alfred Workflow Framework python-dateutil icon courtesy of Oxygen Icon Team
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