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  1. It would be nice if the "About this Workflow" supported markdown. The user would be presented the rendered HTML when viewing "About this Workflow" on install and afterwords. Then maybe an edit button to edit the raw markdown.
  2. The snippet expansion works fine in every application I use, including iTerm itself, but not when using Neovim in iTerm. This is my main text editor so I'd love if the snippets worked in Neovim
  3. I also think in addition to this it would be awesome to allow placeholders in the text expansions like Dash does https://kapeli.com/dash_guide#introductionToSnippets
  4. It would be extremely helpful if we could add music to the iTunes queue via Play Next or Add to Up Next from Alfred's iTunes mini player. Since this queue feature came out in iTunes I pretty much only use it to play music, so now I can't use Alfred to add music to play Thanks
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