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  1. Thanks for the idea smarg19, but won't work. I would have to create a dozen permutations for each workflow... Anyone else? There must be a way to do this. I just want my workflow to work the way all of the other Alfred commands work.
  2. I am a long-time Alfred user, and today I created my first workflow, but I need help. My workflow runs a terminal command from Alfred -- very, very simple. To do this I created a new Workflow, added a keyword input object, and linked it to a terminal command object. For the keyword, I typed "create ruby on rails project" since that's what it does. Here's my problem. Alfred only finds it if I type, "create ruby on rails project", or the beginning of that string. If I type, "create rails project" Alfred won't find it. Or if I type "rails project" Alfred won't find it. This sucks because I can't remember exactly what phrase to type, and so I can't find it. How do I make it so, if I type just parts of the keyword, Alfred will still find my workflow? Also, there is a chance I'm doing this entirely wrong in Alfred, and there's a better way. So please let me know if that's the case. Thank you!!
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