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  1. Awesome! Thanks, Vitor. Obviously I was silly to have flipped my << and my >>. I admit to a little bit of regexp dazzle, getting all turned around just trying to understand them at all. Your new line is exactly what I needed! Thank you, my friend.
  2. This workflow is fantastic! Thank you so much for putting it together. There's one feature of Markdown (at least as it's implemented in FoldingText) for putting Comments inside {>> <<}. Usually, when Exporting, these comments are omitted. I really like leaving lots of notes for myself inside Comments while typing, but would like to be able to use this Workflow to copy the text without the Comments. I'm not very well-informed about regexp. I thought maybe I could just replace any instance of {>> ... <<} with an empty ''. But I don't really know how to even do thi
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