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  1. Thanks again Shawn. I just deleted both TN and CD from the apps folder and cleaned the caches. You're right about the Alfred Bundler, for the moment, I haven't seen a lot of workflows using it.
  2. Thank you Tyler, worked perfectly! Have a good day!
  3. Hi Tyler, Your Workflow is splendid! I still have one question, could you help? When hitting ⌘, the pasted data into Growl includes more informations than the one pasted in the clipboard with ⌥ (I get only the main line displayed in Alfred). Is there any way to paste the result we get in Growl into the clipboard? (Maybe with another shortcut or by changing the ⌥ behavior) Thank you very much! Vadim
  4. Awesome work, I am really fan! Still, I would have a suggestion for Packal's workflows versioning. Since such popular workflows as Evernote from Carlos Alberto Sztoltz are not up to date (8.7 versus 8.0 on Packal.org), the end user may unfortunately doubt about Packal Updater's accuracy. To maintain you database up to date, it could be really helpful to give both developers and end users the ability to report/submit a new version directly from a workflow's "View" page on Packal.org. I believe a lot of users as me would be happy to help you with this "version release centralization" issue and free a bit of your time Vadim
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