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  1. That is a great workflow, thanks! What I miss is a way to search a paper by title and not only by author. Is it feasible or quickly achievable?
  2. Thanks! I actually downgrade at 2.2.1 and now it works perfectly
  3. Hi all, someone else has some problems with the latest version of the script? From the moment I update it starts to not recognise the textual category during the highlights export. I tried to reinstall it, but nothing :\ I do not get any error, when I export a note it simply says [INFO: alfred.workflow.input.keyword] Processing output 'alfred.workflow.action.script' with arg '' [INFO: alfred.workflow.action.script] Processing output 'alfred.workflow.output.notification' with arg 'Exported notes to Evernote as HTML Seems that the color are set correctly, therefore I have no idea why it is
  4. Just did, and now everything works perfectly! Thanks again
  5. I will have to add more beers, because I have another problem! When I try to click on the PDF link from Evernote: I get the error -10810 telling me that "the application "_skimmer" can't be opened. I did not change the path for the PDF, so I sincerely do not have any idea what the problem is about Any solution?
  6. yep, sorry, forgot to mention Last version of Alfred+Skim+Skimmer. update: Just try leaving the PDF with the highlights open, and well, it worked perfectly. Thanks for the support, I owe you a couple of beers
  7. Hi the workflow is great, but I have some problems with with workflow in my current setup. It doesn't: Open the root folder Set the color of the highlighting Extract the highlighting to evernote Here the log of the debug: I thought the main problem was html2text, so I installed it throughout python, but I do think it was quite a good idea, mostly because it didn't resolve the problem! Any ideas? Thanks P.s. this is the screen of the PDF with the highlights (skimmer_config_new):
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