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  1. Reproduce: * Search for a file * Hit Alt-Up to add it to the buffer * Hit Alt-Right to action files in the buffer * Choose "Delete" action to move files to trash Expected: * File buffer is cleared Actual: * Alfred thinks the file is still in the buffer, even though it is in the Trash, not the location Alfred thinks it is I propose that the buffer is cleared by the Delete action, even if "Clear after actioning items in the buffer" is not set in Preferences, since Delete is special.
  2. Original Title: Mini-player stays on top of other windows while waiting for iTunes I like to listen to an iTunes streaming service called "Groove Salad." Depending on conditions, it can sometimes take seconds or a minute to start playing (perhaps while iTunes buffers?). If I start playing the service with the Alfred mini-player, the mini-player stays on top of all other windows for seconds or minutes while it waits for iTunes to start playing, and there's no way to dismiss the mini-player. Can the mini-player talk to iTunes on a background thread or something, so it doesn't stay in front of all windows while it's blocking on iTunes?
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