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  1. I recently switched to a different (65%) keyboard and am in the process of updating some of my key commands. I am doing this in Moom, and I think some of the new attempted key commands are being used in Alfred for some other workflows. Is there any way to output the list of key commands that are being used in workflows?
  2. Actually... it might be nice to have a checkbox in the object config to "Use title in object note" -- I would likely just use that most of the time.
  3. Ah, perfect. I thought I had seen something like this but couldn't figure it out... was looking in the wrong places. Exactly what I was looking for. 🙂
  4. Is there already a means for labelling items in workflows or designating areas in workflow layouts? I use the same keywords for several workflows so that I can easily remember the workflow keyword and then pick the one I want, but when I go to my workflow it is very difficult to determine which one is which since all that shows is the keyword in the keyword input item. I've included a screenshot of the kind of thing I'm looking for... let me know if this already exists, if not, it would be nice 😁
  5. Yup, I think that is the one I picked up -- the github page for the other one redirected to that one. Thanks!
  6. Ah, nice one!... now I just want to edit it so that it opens from the browser from which it extracted the bookmark instead of the default browser. (I use Chrome for work stuff and Brave for personal... 😉
  7. Yeh, sure, no problem. I was just asking to see if there was something I wasn't thinking of. I have the Applescript that performs what I want it to do, so I can either a) Create an app bundle with the script that I launch from Alfred, or b) Set up an Applescript bundle/app that calls an external trigger to alfred that executes what I already have set up. In either case, I can use "Launch [app name here" from Siri and that should do the trick. Using the latter option above, I can keep everything still in Alfred and just write a stub app that simply performs the external
  8. Right, looks like you can set a custom dictation command, which can trigger an Automator workflow (such as applescript). Will have to look into this option further, but I'm not sure how this works with something like AirPods. AirPods has the double tap to invoke Siri feature, which is why I was considering that route. Also, in order for this to work, you have to enable the always on microphone listening part of Dictation, which I'd rather avoid. Thanks for the tip though, that is a decent starting place!
  9. I know this is probably backward from what some people want, and antithetical to parts of the premise of Alfred but hear me out! :-) My wife bought me AirPods which turns out are pretty cool. I paired them with my Mac yesterday while working at home, and realized that one thing that I would really like would be to be able to trigger Alfred using Siri. Why, you ask? Well, I had wandered off from my computer with the AirPods still in my ears, but had left Google Play Music running in Chrome. I have an Alfred trigger (CMD `) that calls an applescript that finds Google Pla
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