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  1. Oh, duh, I'm pointing it at at the drive root that way, it's been a really long week ?
  2. Yeah, I had picked up a little bit about the actual problems for NSAppleScript doing forum searches along the way, copy and paste is a minor thing. I just tried omitting the `.` in the icon path to make sure I hadn't originally had a typo or other error and Alfred does not show an image without it, I'm not sure whether it's an AppleScript problem however since the JSON is returning the correct path to Alfred, does Alfred care what is being executed or just what is returned back? "icon": { "path": "/icons/unloved.png" }, That makes sense about how keywords work, I hadn't tho
  3. Wow, thank you so much deanishe, your answers and pull request were immensely helpful! Regarding 1, that makes sense about variables, while I'm okay at bash scripting I'm still figuring out what information AppleScript has and what it doesn't, I figured it wasn't a full shell but didn't know if it could access some of the same information, thank you for clarifying! I agree that the Run NSAppleScript object wasn't ideal, it's where I started before switching to the Script Filter, learning a lot more and hadn't gotten back to reworking the action itself, I'm glad it looks like I woul
  4. I'm just getting started with creating my own workflows and I have a couple questions I haven't found the answers for yet after a bunch of searching, reading and testing. A quick note to begin with, I'm writing this partially as an exercise to improve me proficiency with AppleScript, as frequently painful as it is. It does seem like a good workflow to use it for since its functionality is almost entirely reading information from and sending commands to the iTunes AppleScript Dictionary. JXA is a little further down the to-learn list. 1. What is the proper way (if there
  5. @GuiBJust wanted to say think for this, I've been really wanting Hyper integration with Alfred for a while now and this is great!
  6. This is fantastic! Thank you so much, I've really wanted a better way to interact with DEVONthink in Alfred, way better than just setting up a custom search! As an aside, I really like the Alfred theme you're using, any chance you could post it?
  7. It's a pity that you have to have a token, I requested one on a couple of my Slack groups to mixed results and there are two that have them entirely disabled. Would oath work with any Slack channel or still require manual authorization?
  8. I had missed that, thanks for pointing it out, I'll try moving it back into Dropbox but out of the Apps folder. So that's why the Apps folder was grayed out, I remember having to do a โ‡งโŒ˜G to get to it, I guess I should have taken the hint. Thanks!
  9. Sorry Andrew, I got really slammed on a project and haven't had time to play with this again until today. I tried moving it out of Dropbox and Alfred seems to be working fine now but it's also possible something else may have changed on my system since I had previously restarted Alfred. I seem to be good but I'm not if this gives you much certainty in Alfred on El Capitan. Thanks for the help!
  10. Yeah, I don't see any repair permissions feature in Disk Utility unless it's built into the 'First Aid' feature. I went ahead and run this: cportable:~ cwhite$ chmod -R u+rwX,go+rX ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred\ 2/ cportable:~ cwhite$ xattr -rc ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred\ 2/ cportable:~ cwhite$ chmod -R u+rwX,go+rX /Users/cwhite/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred cportable:~ cwhite$ xattr -rc /Users/cwhite/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred No difference, Alfred is still reseting on restart. I guess this would be a good time to finally reprogram my muscle memory to use Alfred default hotkeys inste
  11. First, to be clear, I know El Capitan is in beta and I do not expect you to support prerelease software. I'm sure that it's crazy annoying to get flooded with support requests for something that isn't stable and hasn't even been released yet. With that said, I am experiencing a problem with Alfred on El Capitan and wanted to offer any assistance in troubleshooting if it can be of any assistance to you. The issue I'm having is that any time I exit Alfred and restart it Alfred seems to lose most of it's settings. Every time I restart it looses settings like custom hotkeys, search sco
  12. It works on the current semi-public beta as well. I'm loving it, Alfred feels like it fits perfectly now!
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