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  1. Quick update : Following some much needed holidays and an official Swift 3 release I've now updated the project and it all works as I'd hoped. Thanks for the tip deanishe.
  2. I know, I corrected it to process I'm going to try the modal flag & nohup approach. Thanks again.
  3. Two scripts/modalities is a great idea, especially if I can't get the app to spawn an independent process to do the updates.
  4. Thank you deanishe for your good comments. I agree that those are all issues that would improve the app and will address them in time.
  5. Thank you for your answer. The script (links to screenshots below) is a simple bash call to a command line app (https://github.com/NeoTeo/PinboardDailies). The command line app works as follows: 1. Checks for a local cache of the xml that Alfred understands and outputs it immediately if found. 2. Sends a query to Pinboard (a bookmark site with an api) and waits for the result. 3. Writes the result to the local cache ready for next time. It appears that Alfred does not use the app's output until the app exits thus voiding the advantage of using the cache. https://ipfs.pics/Q
  6. Hi everyone. I have a bash script that looks up my bookmarks on Pinboard.io and returns correctly formatted xml. Although the script outputs to stdout immediately, Alfred doesn't pass the output to the script filter until the whole (longer running) script has finished and returned. Is there a way to avoid this delay? Cheers, Teo
  7. Hello all. In case there are other Alfred+Pinboard users out there who might find utility in an app/script combo to quickly access your pins: https://github.com/NeoTeo/PinboardDailies Teo
  8. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Not knowing much about the xml I just ran the output through a few online xml verifier tools which all came back OK. I will have a deeper look now that I know the fault is on my side of things. Teo
  9. Hi Alfred users. I'm not completely sure this is a bug so I'm posting it here first. I have written a script that outputs xml which some times contains special characters. It seems that the xml interpreter in Alfred does not know what to do with those and aborts the whole script filter without any error in the debug log. A simple example would be: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><items><item arg="http://www.glossed.it/highlights" valid="YES" type="file"><title>title Ð</title><subtitle>test</subtitle><icon type="fileicon"><
  10. Hi everyone. I can't seem to find any description of the xml that the script filters use. Can someone point it out to me please? Teo
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