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  1. I have to copy and paste passwords of different servers and it helps when passwords are identifiable and not just a random set of chars
  2. Because they have a word that is easily identifiable. ==55&pushed&BULGARIA&eggs&32==;;80_hang_TERMS_thus_99;;%%39*baby*SMELL*brought*35%% vs &R%XMf3PLm9Zzo)SpBB%15zY£yh5Dj vz2FstKafsDj*3N&R3xo£e(r(g7vgp FB5Cds@4I&b@w)!0^XSt@KNf(2CasI
  3. Fair enough Vitor, I should have been more specific. You are right again - these are not memorable - but I prefer passwords that have an identifiable word on them, like ==55&pushed&BULGARIA&eggs&32==, instead of just random characters like )MtWJPWbc*R7o@SsC7eP5ZSC*K1qgC
  4. StrongPassword doesn't generate memorable passwords (https://xkcd.com/936/) , and Password Generator (pwgen) doesn't generate memorable passwords with numbers and symbols (required in some sites). I was hoping to generate passwords like https://xkpasswd.net/s/ ==55&pushed&BULGARIA&eggs&32== ;;80_hang_TERMS_thus_99;; %%39*baby*SMELL*brought*35%%
  5. What is the best password generator workflow? All the ones I'm looking at are 5 years old.
  6. These are outdated and don't work properly: https://github.com/jason0x43/jc-nest https://github.com/NateJacobs/nest-alfred2-workflow Thank you.
  7. This is actually a great idea for a workflow. Imagine you want to which to the Window that has "Budget". You would type "w budget" in alfred and it would loop through all opened windows and switch to the first one that matches. Great idea. I'll try to implement and share.
  8. How could I execute an alfred workflow without invoking the alfred hotkey, in a way that is not shown on the screen? I'm trying to call an alfred workflow from a shell script, applescript or something similar. Copying the python / bash script to another location isn't an option, I need to run it as if it was called by the Alfred Hotkey. Thank you.
  9. Thanks for the great workflow. It'll be even more useful if you could filter while typing. So if I have these devices - mac - chrome - iphone I could type "push iphone bla bla" and have that sent to the iphone, instead of having to select iphone with the arrows. Cheers
  10. If you replace code: $macros[] = $macro; with if (strpos($macro['name'], 'alfredhide') === false) { $macros[] = $macro; } Then you can hide macros from being displayed on alfred if you add "alfredhide" to their names. Useful if you have macros that are executed only from within other macros. Cheers
  11. Can we please have an option to relaunch an app, not just kill it? For example if we hold the Shift key with "kill" the workflow can forcequit and relaunch the app, that would be very useful!
  12. Hi, When apps freeze it would be nice to have a workflow that can force quit and restart. that way you can type "relaunch", space, then start typing the name of the program. When you hit enter, it will force quit the app and relaunch it. That would save some time. Cheers.
  13. Hi, Is it possible for you to add a find my iphone feature so that when i type "find my iphone" on alfred my iphone automatically starts beeping? Thanks.
  14. It would be nice if you could "call using your iphone" on yosemite. When you try to call via facetime it assumes it's a facetime call with video.
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