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  1. I would like to search for folders by their exact name, and exclude other folders starting with or otherwise containing the search phrase. Say I have folders: Object Object 1 Object 12 And I have files: Object Object 1 Object 12 I want to search for "Object" and return all folder(s) with the exact name "Object", regardless of their paths/parent folders. I don't want any files returned and I don't want folders "Object 1" "Object 12". I can currently get all folders containing "Object" using a File Filter limited to File Type public.folder with Words and Split unchecked in the Field tab. Or I can check those boxes and the result will be limited to folders starting with "Object" but will also pull in "Object 1" "Object 12" etc. I thought there would be an obvious way to limit the results in the Value of the Field tab, but I'm not finding a way to make that work. Thanks
  2. Same for me. Changing reset_mins value doesn't seem to matter.
  3. Is anyone able to set custom categories with Alfred 4? "recpref" brings up the two custom categories, but nothing happens when I press return to set them. I see the scripts have reference to com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3, but the notes say not to edit the scripts because they have to be recompiled.
  4. This worked for me in a very similar situation. Used AppCleaner to remove 1Password after having switched to a 1password.com account. No combination of toggling worked until I enabled "Allow create of vaults outside of 1Password accounts" AND created a new item in the local vault. Then Alfred picked it up and I was able to uncheck "Allow create of vaults outside of 1Password accounts" and delete the local vault. All good. Thanks for circling back with your fix!
  5. Merge Error: "Cannot merge a malformed PDF file" I am suddenly getting this error when I attempt to merge PDF files. (v2.16) Any ideas?
  6. If you happen to have Keyboard Maestro, it can trigger a macro based on the system clipboard.
  7. I am running OF 3.3.2 and I get an error when I run .d to show overdue or due items:
  8. I use the TimeZones - a World Clock script filter workflow to look up times in US cities and it works great šŸ‘ I am looking for a workflow that lists the actual time zone instead (or in addition to) the Country/City format. For example, Denver, CO is listed in the TimeZones workflow as "Timezone: America/Denver": Does anyone know of a workflow that would list the time zone as Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) rather than America/Denver? Thanks
  9. Any chance of resharing this example workflow? The link is dead. Thanks!
  10. I know I'm digging up an old thread, but I"m trying to follow the instructions to use mods object and filter results. The link to the demo workflow is broken. Any chance of sharing it again?
  11. I don't think this can be done within settings, but two workarounds: - If you have Keyboard Maestro it's simple to assign a "hot key trigger" (whatever key combo you want to use for Alfred) to a macro that simulates the keystroke that is already set in Alfred. For example, you can tell KM to fire command-space when you press x and it will show Alfred (if you have the Alfred Trigger set to command-space in settings) - Another solution would be to set up a Hotkey in Alfred that simulates a key combo using AppleScript. Like this to show Alfred : on alfred_script(q) tell application "System Events" to keystroke {Space} using {command down} end alfred_script Not sure if there are any downsides, like delay or conflicts, to doing it internally with Alfred using the Hotkey+AppleScript.
  12. You might love this: https://github.com/esanai/lazylink
  13. I am pasting a query using the Copy to Clipboard action with "automatically paste to frontmost app" selected. I'd like to achieve the same result without copying to the clipboard by "inserting" the query in the frontmost app. Thanks.
  14. Cool workflow. Thank you! Can I change the date from dd/mm to mm/dd?
  15. Cool solution. It's a bummer to search the forum and find that perfect workflow solution, only to find out the link is dead.
  16. Minor issue: Toggling dnd off ("turn it off") works, but the Notification Center icon remains dimmed as though Do Not Disturb is still on. I'm using High Sierra 10.13.6 Do Not Disturb on Do Not Disturb off If I toggle Do Not Disturb off manually, it reverts to the darker icon as a visual cue. If I toggle using the workflow it remains faded.
  17. I use a web-based software that is all button clicks with no keyboard shortcuts. Switching back and forth from mouse to keyboard drives me nuts. If the button is visible on the page, Keyboard Maestro's "Click at found image" is good for this sort of thing.
  18. Thanks. I can do it manually in Excel pretty easily, but I think regular expression replacement/substitution is the right track for a script/workflow solution. I just don't know how, but I'm trying to learn.
  19. Yes I found that after this post, which is fantastic. Thank you. Iā€™d love to automate the process of converting my single column file: alpha beta gamma into three columns format to make Alfred happy: alpha, ,alpha beta, ,beta gamma, , gamma Thanks again. That list filter workflow is awesome.
  20. I have a text file with phrases listed alphabetically, one per line. I'd like Alfred to display the lines in the ordered list and be able to copy the selected line to the clipboard. The list changes, so it would need to be read from the file or updated daily/manually. I've read some posts that may be close, but they are over my head so I'm pretty much lost. Can this be done without mad skills? Thanks
  21. This is an oldie, but I dug it up on search. When I set up a file filter this way it does not find the matching phrase. And if I check "split", I get extraneous results matching each word of the phrase (as I believe is expected, just as I do using the built-in "in" command). Is this still the preferred way to find exact phrases in file content? Help? Edit: I should add that spotlight appears to match only the exact phrase, so I'm guessing that means indexing is good if that helps.
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